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Unlocking opportunities and driving innovation in Government Contracting and Strategic Consulting. With decades of experience and strong relationships within the U.S. and Eastern European governments, we are your go-to partner for navigating complex landscapes.

Rype what
you sow.

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Government Contracting

Stabilization Initiatives

Partner with us to design and implement projects that enhance stability and maximize localization, from reintegration programs to free speech and democracy initiatives.

Security Programs

From doctrine creation to implementation, our full-spectrum capabilities provide comprehensive training solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each government agency. We equip our customers with the skills and knowledge required to excel in complex operational environments. Whether it's counter-terrorism tactics, cybersecurity protocols, or crisis management, our training programs are designed to enhance readiness, improve response times, and elevate overall security standards.

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Strategic Consulting

With a focus on energy development, resilience, and market innovation, our consulting services are designed to drive growth and enhance public-private partnerships. We offer tailored solutions through our demonstrated experience and extensive network to align with your strategic objectives.

About Us

Our team's extensive experience in high-stakes, complex environments equips us with the insights to navigate intricate governmental landscapes. Leveraging a robust network of relationships, we offer not just services, but strategic partnerships that open doors and create opportunities. Our deep understanding of both the humanitarian and defense sectors uniquely positions us to bridge gaps and deliver solutions that align with broader social and security objectives.

About Us

Why Rype?

Our mission is to deliver value, catalyze growth, and foster the spirit of innovation - just like the soldiers of RYPE did more than seven decades ago.

RYPE Solutions is not merely a name but an homage to a group of fearless individuals who exhibited resilience, innovation, and strategic thinking in the face of adversity. The name "RYPE" harkens back to World War II, when an American airborne unit, codenamed RYPE, parachuted into the Norwegian mountains to conduct sabotage actions behind enemy lines.

RYPE, part of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) - the forerunner of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) - was the only U.S. operation on Norwegian soil during the war. This unit, composed primarily of Norwegian Americans from the 99th Infantry Battalion of the U.S. Army, exhibited unparalleled courage and strategic genius. The unit was led by none other than William Colby, who later led the CIA.

Today, RYPE Solutions honors this legacy of courage, resilience, strategic expertise, and the fusion of diverse backgrounds. Like the OSS unit, we aim to navigate challenging environments, create impactful solutions, and redefine the contours of our field.

In the modern context, we strive to operate with the same tenacity, strategic acumen, and innovative thinking that made RYPE successful. As we embark on this venture, we remember that our name is more than an identifier - it's a tribute to a group of brave individuals who made a significant impact. It serves as our guiding light as we aspire to make our own mark in the world.

Why Rype
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